4 December 2009

Bird's Eye Cycle Chic and Climate Satire

I found this photo deep in my Flickr photostream. I like it. Maybe not ooh-la-la chic, baby, but it's a cool angle on a regular citizen and his bicycle. Where's he going? Where's he coming from? So many untold stories. I like that.

On a completely different note, the UN Climate Conference is about to kick off here in Copenhagen. Optimism for a good deal for the planet is waning and our politicians are unlikely to make any firm commitment. Cynical? Perhaps. Realistic? Perhaps.

Copenhagen Climate Conference T-shirts
If you're on the cynical side, we've prepared a series of tongue-in-cheeky t-shirts that are perfect for those who enjoy the time-tested "I told you so" angle. Climate Conference Reality Check T-shirts and Coffee Mugs. Check them out in our online shop. Choose President or Prime Minister, depending on where you live. Or see some of the designs over at Copenhagenize.com.


Anonymous said...

I have almost the same feelings on the first 'aerial' photo as you do.

Thank you very much for this website.

Surly Bastard said...

Might be time for a new "cynical" take on Global Warming. Like, how about a "Where's AL?" T-shirt. Or the "The Cook Book for Global Warming Data." Enjoy the site, though. Good work, beautiful photos.

Jan said...

@Surly Yup, that cook book was leaked on to the web all right. Btw, Aldo's here
Global warming or not, get on your bike and Copenhaganize! I love your site Mikael. Thank you! ^_^

That's Not My Age said...

Lovin' the t-shirt