25 September 2009

Wall Street Journal Goes Cycle Chic

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes To Paris
Article in the Wall Street Journal about Cycle Chic, with focus on Paris.
'New Cyclist Styles Pedal Their Way Into Paris'
Paris Bike Culture - Cycling Sociably
Nice to see the old WSJ with their finger on the pulse. You can read our take on Paris Cycle Chic and the transformation of the city right here.


Otto Cilindri said...

In my experience, the Wall Street Journal is the most unconscious of newspapers. By the time they report on a subject as NEW, and exciting, it will by over. So, the bicycle as fashion item is now SO over, right?

Erik Sandblom said...

It's my impression that many newspapers can combine very progressive reporting with very conservative editorial pages.

WSJ had a nice article way back in May 2007 about utility cycling, and that was before expensive gasoline in the US. Then in August 2008, another one.

Wall Stree Journal: Building a Better Bike Lane

Wall Street Journal: Risking Life and Limb, Riding a Bike to Work in L.A.

Hopefully this means cycling is becoming an evergreen!

ECinNYC said...

Fave line: "Just open your closet and it's filled with cycling clothes."