26 September 2009

The Look

Red coats have a tendency to grab my attention, so naturally my camera shutter went off as I passed by. Later at the computer I realized that I had also captured another instance of the look. A look that in this case seems to be forcefully ignored. (See large version for better detail.)

We have covered the subject before. A shot that I think can bear to be recycled is this:
To look or not to look


Mark said...

While the fashion world is catching is only just catching on and the WSJ is reporting on this latest trend, it's good to know Cycle Chic will still be here long after the dilettantes have moved on.

kiwehtin said...

Your "large version" link for the look gives a page with this:

This page is private.

Oops! You don't have permission to view this page.

Here's a link back to your home page.

Methinks some kind of fix is needed...

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Thanks kiwehtin, I had made a little mistake. It should be working now.

Alain Lumina said...

athletic girls are beautiful, they sometimes hate you for looking at them (especially if you're not the 27 year old millionaire, 185cm), so men feel insecure (looks like suspicion or hostility) when we look at you. Is this in any way surprising?