11 September 2009

Totally Copenhagen and then some

Full On Copenhagen Style
I've seen this bicycle around town before but only recently had the chance to photograph it.

It is 150% Copenhagen. The century-old tradition of adorning the basket with flowers is, here, taken to a splendid extreme. The gold paint job adds a personalised touch.
Full On Copenhagen Style - Close Up
I love this detail on the back fender. It's a bicycle fit for our golden cycling girl who has surveyed her two-wheeled kingdom from her perch on the City Hall Square since the 1930's:
Surveying Her Kingdom


String Bean Jen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I hope the owner of this bicycle smiles as much as this bike has made me do. :-)

dyrlægen said...

find her
she must be a goddess.

Otto Cilindri said...

Marilyn Monroe rode a gold-painted cruiser in a film as I recall. Maybe she was going to pick up Elvis, or Joe Dimaggio?