11 September 2009

Cycle Parade

I rode in a little cycle parade last week in association with a C02 neutral festival here in Copenhagen. Here's two of the other cyclists. You can read more about the parade and the festival over at Copenhagenize.com.


Klaus Mohn said...

Quiz: who's the most efficient advocate for cycling, the fiberglass tricycle or the flowery mamachari girl? :D

(The tricycle still looks cooler than a car)

Colville-Andersen said...

you KNOW what I would choose.

kfg said...

On the other hand the cyclist isn't wearing a skirt, but the tricycle is.

I actually like faired trikes, on special occasions, but find that I am increasingly one of those who is growing increasingly intolerant of being shut up and strapped in to a little box.

So make mine (as I prefer my cars) a ragtop.