12 September 2009

Summer's Last Stand

Summer's Last Stand
Make no mistake. Summer lingers on, embracing with gentle warm breezes. But make no mistake... autumn waits in the wings. But it ain't over til the cycle lady sings. We're enjoying it while we can.


kfg said...

Yesterday summer was in full vigor; today fall announced its arrival.

As it happens I like fall better than summer. October is one of the two glory months; it's just what follows it that's a bitch - and half a year to get to the next glory month.

NickO said...

Killer heels & bikes .. ahhhhh.

Your summer might be about to finish, but in Australia we're starting to come out of winter.

Anonymous said...

Its not fair that girl just looks so cool and sexy cycling. Me ! well I never ever looked cool and sexy on my bike. Did anyone say wrong bike.