10 September 2009

Late Summer Balmy Backlight

Backlightaciousness in the Copenhagen Autumn
These late summer balmy days are intoxicating and flirtacious in their un-Nordicness. The summer lingers on and Copenhageners aren't complaining. On the Cycle Chic calender for 2009 the text for September reads:

September is a lottery, although with good odds for warm days as we gently glide towards autumn. It is relaxing and while we resigned to the inevitable fact that the seasons will change, we enjoy the tail end of summer while we can.



Mom said...

Beautiful words and image! When I lived in Paris, I noticed that September 1 rolled around and it suddenly turned cold overnight. Here in San Francisco, it actually gets warmer in September, and we love that!

sirvan said...

in fairness, the shot is good even facing the sun :-)