3 July 2009

Hat's Off To Copenhagen

Cycle Taxi Headwind
A classic Copenhagen cycling girl pedalling tourists around the city. On a blustery day no less.
Hold On
Another blustery day.
Lars Bullitt
Payback time. After Lars posted his shot of me, I have to do the same. This one is set-up - he's trying my bike - but here he is all the same, that dapper chappie.


Peter said...

holy cow! look at those pants! damn!

イェンス・イェンセン said...


Didn't realize until just now (!) that you are Zaaliciousness on flikr! Have been trying to use your photos of Bjerget and other architecture for a presentation, but your setup would allow me to copy a big enough file. Damn!!

Did you buy a Brompton when in London!?

Marianna said...

Handsome Lars...I love the pants :)

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Hehe, you cought me doing my very first long-john meters. A quick ride with consequences: I have ordered a Bullit from Larry Vs Harry to replace our Sorte Jernhest.
A real bicycle has two wheels ;-)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Work that plaid, baby!