2 July 2009

London Recalling

Cycle Chic Morning
So, just got back from London. It was a lovely visit and the photo assignment was great. I cycled all around London over two days and enjoyed it. I stayed a my friend Alice's flat. She had moved out and it was empty. I chuckled when I remembered the old Scorcese film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Here's me checking my A to Z map before embarking on the day's journey.

Cyclodelic Amy
On Monday evening, after cycling like mad around the city, there was Cycle Chic on the menu. Andrea, owner of the Velorution bike shop in Great Titchfield Street, whipped up a little event in no time and it was great to meet readers and likeminded individuals. I said a few words and a few others presented cycle-related products, all while we snacked on Danish food.

Above is Amy from the cool Cyclodelic brand. We've blogged about them before and it was smashing to meet up. Amy was on her way home at this point, looking Cycle Chictastique on her bicycle.
Here's Velorution's shop. Lovely place.
Chicago London
It was also brilliant to meet readers, especially Jen from Chicago - now London - complete with her Cycle Chic tote bag! I rarely get to see people using the merchandise. Wonderful chatting with you, Jen!
Andrea Velorution Chic Signage
Andrea, the owner of the shop, escorted me halfway home later on, after a beer. Thanks to him for whipping the little event together on such short notice.

Cushion Pillowy
Charles from Man on the Move presented a bespoke cushion designed to sit on the back rack and spare delicate bottoms from unforgiving back racks.

Mannequin Mannequin Ride
Two 'n Fro presented some cheeky clothing on two cheeky mannequins... and I love the way they rode off with them on their scooters.

Matt from Michaud Apparel has designd a brilliant Executive Pannier that doubles as baggage. Very bespoke and a lovely design. Check it out on his website Michaud Apparel.

Tony, who features in our Cycle Chic film from Brussels, presented t-shirts for I BIKE LDN, which we be available soon. Tony owns Cyclehoop, which makes cool bike racks for urban landscapes. They're already in place a number of locations in London. Nice.

Last but certainly not least, Richard Nolan-Neylan presented a sneak preview of his upcoming photo exhibition featuring Danish bicycles. 318 Danish bicycles in all. The exhibition is at photo-space at 530 Commercial Road, E1 from July 2 - 1 August.

London, as ever, rules. Used to live there and it was great to be back. More photos of London Cycle Chic on the way.


townmouse said...

sorry I missed it ... I was just too hot and too tired and couldn't face the tube ... if only my bike hadn't been in Scotland

Dottie said...

Sounds like a great event. Now when are you going to come to Chicago? Plenty of groupies here.

I love Velorution's blog and bought a snazzy trouser clip from Cyclodelic during my quick trip to London in April. If you look at the second-to-last picture in my London post, you can see a bit of your merchendise :)

Colville-Andersen said...

next time, townmouse.

cool tote bag, dottie!

String Bean Jen said...

I hear you, townmouse. My bike only just cleared UK customs (which is why I didn't have it at Velorution). Now to have it delivered to my new flat (along with all of my worldly possessions!) and find a bike shop to reassemble it.

Ah, that first picture is utterly fabulous! The A-Z is a lifesaver.

So fab to meet and chat with you too, Mikael. An event such as this one, totally thrown together at the last minute, is just one reason why London is one of the world's greatest cities. It is seemingly the nexus of the planet; everyone comes here at some point! :-)