13 February 2009

Wintry Cyclo Goodness

Snow Riding
A few more shots of winter cycling in Copenhagen.
Snow Ride

Snow Cargo


Anonymous said...

That looks seriously cold - first time I've seen that "It's so cold that I think my face is about to fall off" expression / body language in your photos!

spiderleggreen said...

Wonderful shots. Personally, I love it when it when it's brisk out.

Otto Cilindri said...

Must be why the woman in the first photo tied her face in place with a scarf.

Anonymous said...


Would you like to add some additional informations about temperature (estimated) this days?

In Poland one of the most common arguments against cycle culture is the "climat" :(



Catarina said...

It's amazing how cold Cph is, how windy at night and how the bicycles never stop except for mine due to low maintenance.
It's wonderful to cycle even when snow insists in a chat with your eyes.

Nothing will stop the cycle wave in Cph and the Danes will never stop cycling chic. But It's super super COLD.

Hav det god.

Anonymous said...

@Tinker - Ah, yes, I see that now. And the woman in the second photo is actually holding hers on by hand. Suddenly it all makes sense!

Unknown said...

Hey Mike,
Your bike shots are OK. In April I had a public exibition of my own bike photos in b/w and perhaps we might join forces? Please write me at
and I'll send you a couple of samples.