11 February 2009

Copenhagen Snowfall

Copenhagen Winter Cycling Clothing
After the rest of Europe has been hit by snow, the white stuff came to Copenhagen. Only about 8 cm in the city - more on the outskirts - but it was still snowing this morning.

What a splendid winter cycling ensemble above. True Cycle Chic. Short skirt, stockings and colourful hat and jacket. Nevermind the sub-zero temps and the nasty headwind. Cycling is effortless, healthy and stylish. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Winter Cycling Gear
Loving the hat.

Good Morning Snowfall
Boots, a funky hat and a cool leather bag on the snow-covered kids seat.


lavinka said...

I wonder whether Snow would go to Poland. And if the snow will lie, or to melt? ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally of topic. It has nothing to do with bikes but you could call it Surfer chic; style, grace and taking your time. Also as Europe shivers it is nice to be reminded of the warmer weather to come.

Kiwehtin said...

The hat picture is especially nice. She looks like she is suspended in her own universe, with the rest of the world flying by around her as if in a dream...

Adrienne Johnson said...

Healthy and stylish- yes.

Effortless? No.:)

word verification- 'bastf'

She was sick of the snow and cold. She thought constantly of a new bikini and umbrella drinks. "Bastf!!!!" she yelled at the sky, hoping the snow gods would hear her.

lavinka said...

And the snow is in Warsaw too ;)

Gratistotal said...

its so stylist cycling in the snow

Anonymous said...

2/12/09 Have you been snowed in ? The day is not the same without you