22 February 2009

This and 'Hat

In the dead of winter hats are practical but they can still be fashionable and they can always waltz perfectly with your personal style.
Oh So Elegant
This style of hat is extremely popular this winter. If anyone can offer up the English word for them, we'd be grateful.
Winter Bundle
Woolen goodness.


Urban Cyclist said...

I can't see the hat in the second to last photo that clearly, but I think it is called a cloche hat in English.



Anonymous said...

No, it's definitely not a cloche hat.

This is going to make you shudder though - I think it signifies the thin end of the wedge for riding a bike in normal clothes in Copenhagen.

It's a cycling cap.

Expect to see grown men riding in day-glo Lycra any day now . . .

agus said...

I adore your blog, everything is perfect: interesting pictures, amazing outfits, colours, atmosphere!

BadBeard said...

Looks like a cloche hat to me. Very much 1920s chic.

Hopefully the eighties revival is behind us ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree... It's hard to see from the picture, but I'm pretty sure it's a cycling cap, definitely not a cloche. These hats are selling like hotcakes in the hipper bike stores around the US. People are sewing them out of wool and selling 'em on the internet, too... Very bike culture hip, like with fixie riders.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, we would call that hat a riding cap.

Marcie M said...

They call them newsboy caps in the U.S.