22 February 2009

Dudes On The Bridge - Part One

Going back a few days when the sun was in a more generous mood, I happened to be on my favorite bridge again (afraid that Mikael would beat me up if I didn´t).
For some reason the number of really cool dudes on bikes was sky high, and given the usual female presence at this blog I will not hesitate any longer to serve you some of these fellas. (More to come).
Dude #1

Dude #3

Dude #2


Anonymous said...


Adrienne Johnson said...

Men on bikes.... good! Lot's of men on bikes... better! The guy in the second shot- múy guapo!

lavinka said...

Thank you very much for the handsome men on bicycles. I immediately took the heat (and for the window is cold). (google translate)


mohdhaslanr said...

do you have an idea, on the average, how far away are these cyclists from their respective offices?

Deanne said...

That's it: I am moving to Copenhagen!

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming!

Colville-Andersen said...

the average commute in copenhagen is 6 km. which is much the same as anywhere else. in fact, 50% of Americans live within 8 km of their workplace.

all these facts are on www.copenhagenize.com