13 December 2008

Copenhagen / Asia

It's always interesting to see how other cultures interpret Copenhagen. This Asian magazine - U Magazine - had a large feature on Copenhagen in a recent issue. The bicycle featured prominently and the journalist, Sa, took Cycle Chic to heart and had a bicycle in every stylish photo of herself. If I could hand out honorary Copenhagen Cycle Chic Citizenships, she would be the first proud recipient.

My shocking lack of Chinese language skills make it difficult to figure out where the magazine comes from. Malaysia? Taiwan? Anybody out there know? Do tell. Do tell.

Update: Thanks to our ever vigilant readers who have tracked the magazine to Hong Kong.


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the title of the article is something along the lines of "The World's Happiest Country". It's in traditional Chinese characters, which means it's from outside of Mainland China. There's also some reference to Taiwan on the lower left part of the front page.

Beyond that, my very limited Chinese skills fail me.

Anonymous said...


I discovered your blog through Rad-Spannerei in Berlin and weltverbesserungswahl…

So, UMagazine is from Hong Kong, umagazine.com.hk they don't seem to have easy-to-find archive section, nor anything other than the section front pages online.

Anyway, hapy to have found your blog (^-^)

Denis said...

Agree, the language is Chinese traditional.

The photos in the magazine are "жирные" (Russian slang for any cool and attractive thing, pronounced like "zirnie", can be translated into English like "fatty").

JessS said...

Hi! Your blog is great! I'm actually from HK and am now living in the States. "Sa" is actually a singer from HK and in the magazine, she is quoted to say that "The Danish are very environmentally friendly and even when they go out as a family, they take their bikes. It seems really safe to bike around the city and people abide by traffic rules ". Just thought you might be interested.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the zirnie comments! and the chinese translation.