14 December 2008

Australia Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic exists all over the place, not least in Australia. Here's a combination of guest photos we've had seen in and other Australia Cycle chic photos. From Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

I've lived in Australia on two occasions and now, deep in a Copenhagnen December, I often remember the Australian summer. Playing cricket on the beach on Christmas Day, strapping my surfboard to the roof of my trashed Ford Falcon station car and bumping down rutted dirt roads to hidden beaches with splendid breaks and, not least, riding my bike to work from St. Kilda into downtown Melbourne. Long before Cycle Chic was born as a concept.

The two photos on the right side above are from Lucy, who sells wonderful vintage bikes on Australian eBay under the screen name SydneyVintageBikes. Get bidding!

There is a photo from PS Bikes in Melbourne, who sell Christiania cargo bikes and Velorbis and a couple of photos from a website called The Vine, who have a series of what they call Velo Chic. Then there's a photo from the lovely cycle nymph, Bicycle Pirate.

By all accounts, Cycle Chic is alive and well down under and that pleases us here, up yonder, in Copenhagen.
Urban Cyclist Project 32
Sydney Cycle Chic.


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos, M, thanks for bundling them.

I'm planning to finally go down under and visit my brother in Melbourne in January, also for much needed vitamine D. I guess I need to borrow a bike on that trip :).

Anonymous said...

Lots of cycling down under, but perhaps not so much chic. Still way too many hoons in cars on the road ensuring car culture is dominant. Love this site! It's a inspiration for cyclists, and hopefully the policy makers wanting to see how a cycle friendly culture can work!

Anonymous said...

the dutch brand - gazelle - have now also begun exporting to australia... thereby adding to the potential levels of chic in australia.
love thy bike!