22 September 2008

Slowly, Slowly

Nothing like a flowing scarf on a cyclist.
Two funky Koreans outside of Baisikeli - a bike rental place that sends used Danish bikes to Africa. I love their hats. They rented bikes and were off to tour the city.

Cape of Good Hope
The cape is gently fading away from the fashion landscape. It's not really "sooo last year" since it has a classic quality to it, but this fall it seems the poncho is returning in force to the streets of Copenhagen.

biking around Governors Island
We've just posted about the blossoming cycling life on New York's Governors Island over at Copenhagenize.com. If you're in New York or thereabouts, pay the island a visit and bring your bike.

It's a fantastic opportunity to go for a Slow Bicycle Ride in the true spirit of the Slow Bicycle Movement. Join our Facebook group if you haven't already.


Wilma Flanagan said...

I'm glad to read that ponchos are back in style. I have a bunch in my closet, and yarn for several more! They do look like ideal cool weather cycling garments to me!

I'm also thinking that I may have to invest in a pair of nice boots. With our overly-heated buildings, it's been a few years since I've felt comfortable wearing them to work, but now that I'm cycling, I will probably enjoy them again!

satisfashion said...

Not sure I'm ready for the ponchos? Get rather scary flashbacks of me in an extremely fringy poncho thinking of them. But sure it could be done more elegant.

Joanna Goddard said...

oh my goodness, thanks for the link love! :)