21 September 2008

Cycling to the Vineyard in Portugal

Guest photo from Portugal
A lovely guest photo from Portugal today. Milton sent in a photo he titled, "Mum and son at the vineyard", from a trip out the vines to check the ripeness of their grapes.

Milton writes:
"Although biking is mainly an urban phenomenon, it can exist and flourish in small villages, too. The bike is our means of transportation on our local trips, which includes trips to my hobby, the vineyard, near Aveiro, Portugal."

It's harvest time for Milton and his family. Follow his wine journey on his blog. Gets me all sentimental for the autumns I've spent picking grapes in France...

Here's wishing you a fruitful harvest, Milton.

And here's a photo from Budapest, sent it by a reader. It's from a ride on Earth Day 2008. Ahh. What a sight.


Tiago said...

I'm a portuguese in scotland, and seeing this photo made me homesick.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

NYC = Copenhagen going global:

"Copenhagen as role model for New York"

Those trips are paying off. Let's see if they can put their money where their mouth is..:-p

Anonymous said...

Tiago, what are you doing in Scotland? Work? Don't tell me you've given up on Paris..!

Or...could there be two bicycle crazy Portuguese named Tiago in this world? Ha!

Tom said...

wow! that is an awesome view. I can't imagine that many cyclists here. Im glad for them and a little jealous

RH said...

Another portuguese also homesick after seeing this lovely photo.


Sevadelho Fontes said...

Fellow “Portugueses”

Sorry to make you all feel homesick… :)

Tiago said...

It's not me. Tiago is a common name :)
I am working here (Glasgow should have more bikes).
I also lived in Maputo for 3 months last year. Wonderful city, and loved the way that as soon as the sun dawned, everybody went to the streets to run!
Thanks for making us homesick ;)

. said...

and here goes another portuguese guy, but this one still in the motherland. i ride my bycicle in Oporto, it's like hell! always going up, no bycicle lanes, and hard to transport your bycicle in the subway. still... we have to keep trying.