1 September 2008

More Great Moments in Cycling

Off She Goes
Great Moments in Cycling - A Copenhagener accelerates [a relevent term in Copenhagen] off the light.

Cyclist crossing street near the new Royal library extension The Black Diamond [Sorte Diamant].

Photo Op
This is what it looks like when a photographer from the Politiken newspaper - riding a company issue Kronan - takes photos of a photographer from Copenhagen Cycle Chic on the King's New Square for an interview.

A lawyer in motion. Well, at least the bag in his back rack had a law firm logo on it, so we're assuming.

A brochure from the Belgian Cyclists' Union - "Wanted - Cyclists [Male/Female]" for membership of the cyclists' union. They certainly know how to promote cycling, using a positive, happy image instead of fear-mongering, like the Danish Cyclists' Union. We have a series of posts over at Copenhagenize.com about promoting cycling.


Anonymous said...

Great site.

Am coming to Copenhagen to work for a month on assignment. Will getting one of those "I bike CPH" t's

ManfredKZ said...

Very nice article today again. Elegant pictures. I myself have a firm opinion about it: whenever I wore a helmet in Brazil in very rare occasions (perhaps 10 times in my life), I felt bad and unconfortable. I abandoned it totally eventually. I am not speed racing (don't use light racing bikes at all) and even in a car packed and dominated city like Edmonton I see drivers respect you IF they see you as a serious "day-to-day rider" rider - with normal clothes, without helmet, with a bag, and, most important, not flying to the forbidden sidewalks (and in contrary direction if possible,frightening pedestrians and going through red lights) but riding well in the car flow (curbside of course) and making the signs to turn and respecting every traffic sign as a car or motorcycle. So, no problem for me in changing lanes and turning left with the cars on a traffic light (after a very carefull triple check, of course). The more serious bikers are seen on the streets, the more the message becomes strong (and may encourage others). Yesterday I went to the classic Edmonton downtown area Old Strathcona in a one hour ride each way. I did not have ONE problem with any car driver. Back home, after 3 hours, at 8:30 pm, I felt good and light.
Greetings from Canada

Patrycja said...


i do;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a great inspiration for me! I have just started cycling and your blog is a kind of motivation for me to keep cycling and make it a way of life :-)

cheers from London

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the comments.
manfred: you choose style over speed. you are a role model and a gentleman.

ManfredKZ said...

Thank you! And greetings to all

Anonymous said...

I do wear a helmet. I live in Rio de Janeiro, where we have lots of cycleways but also lots of insane car drivers!

1st of all, I think the helmet can be pretty stylish too. It´s "hi-tech" looking and girls with bike helmets can be sexy!

2nd thing is that drivers in Rio seems to respect more the cyclists who are wearing a helmet. Maybe it´s because they see them as 'serious' cyclists.

But who knows...