30 August 2008


Autumn approaches and the poncho trend from last spring is revived as the days grow cooler. Here's a colourful version flowing past on St. Hans Square in Copenhagen.

Wifealiciousness Poncho
Wifealiciousness knits her own ponchos out of pure Icelandic wool and she sells them on her website Modler.dk [Danish language] if anyone in Greater Copenhagen fancies one.

As Vince on the British show The Mighty Boosh says, "It is impossible to be unhappy in a poncho."

Old School Funkaliciousness
The Clint made them a style icon in his spaghetti westerns - around about the time this funky Copenhagener was a youngster.


Gratistotal said...

Poncho takes a comfortable look. Dont forget that martha stewar wore one when she left prison, do you want to be like her? probably not!

kareninprogress said...

Love the poncho. My, your wife has style. Where did she find her wicker bike basket?

Anonymous said...

I'm not terribly fond of ponchos but I adore bicycles and the Boosh enough that I'm sorely tempted to get one now...

Anonymous said...

What kind of bike (it looks electric) is old-school funkalicious riding ?

Colville-Andersen said...

raquel: martha stewart is not a cultural reference we refer to in this country... :-) nobody knows who she is, thank goodness.

karen: the basket is standard, run of the mill gear. available in every bike shop and supermarket. no name.

anon: my mate giorgio tells me that:
this model was a a blockbuster among the italian teenagers since 1968. Its name is "Ciao" manufactuerd by Piaggio , in Pontedera.

Now is very popular in Rumenia, because their local law doesn't tax all the veicles with pedals.

Anonymous said...

hurrà for the ciao running in copenhagen from rimini Italy

N said...

Your wife is so talented and beautiful. I'm glad poncho is still in in DK. In Canada, no one wears them anymore so I put mine in the closet.