1 September 2008

Rückenfigur and Suchlike

Pink and Blue
Once in a while we return, quite happily, to our Rückenfigur phase. Here with a cyclist in typical rain clothes on a rainy day. Complete with shocking pink heels.

The blue bag on her seat is a Copenhagen classic. A basic plastic bag pulled out of your bag to cover your seat if it's been raining. Simple and practical.
Simple Elegance
The art of rolling gently through a light that just changed green. Autumn is just round the corner and chic long boots are appearing once again as the days cool off.

Thanks to Anisa for sending us this photo from her blog Makool Loves You. Funky grocery bag for urban cycling. Available for purchase at her blog.

And a splash of gentleman cycle chic to round it all off.


Christie said...

Sometimes I imagine life must be more enjoyable in Copenhagen. And then I realize that it is cool enough to wear sweaters in September, and I think maybe Indiana isn't so bad... :-).

Colville-Andersen said...

haha :-) climate wise we're about the same as the Pacific Northwest.