2 July 2008

Oriental Cycle Chic

After two months in Malaysia working for the Danish version of 'Expedition Robinson' ('Survivor' in the US), I (Marie) am glad to be back 'n' blogging!

Like many other Asian countries, Malaysia is full of cars everywhere, and urban infrastructure is a nightmare. But on the little island of Besar where the production crew was located, bikes were crucial to get around. All kinds of small errands were done by bike, and if you met someone you knew on the way, you just hopped off and joined them by foot.
Maybe it wasn't a coincidence that this year's crews were from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Belgium - countries with a considerable tradition of cycle chic?

To illustrate, here are two prop girls carrying a sewing machine and an ironing board while chatting gently in the sun.
Iron Horse

The carpenters were eager cyclists, always heading somewhere with cases of skulls or coconut leaves on their back racks.
Cycling Carpenter Carpenter Bike

I only spotted a few Malaysians on bikes. However, these muslim chicks in the small harbour town of Mersing seemed to enjoy themselves..
Malay Cycle Chic

When standing in front of the world's highest twin towers, Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers, there's no reason not to spread the message!
Style Over Speed @ Kuala Lumpur
For more global cycle chic sticker statements see our previous post on the matter.


i want to be president said...

i love your blog! i put it on my blog for people to see. i think it is fantastic that you are showing how cool bikes can be! we definitely need more of this in america!

Alex Lee said...

Cool, Cycle Chic was here in Malaysia! Now I have to go spot that sticker. Any hints?

Anonymous said...

Wow, euro-pedos trolling the streets of southeast asia for children.


Unknown said...

We're happy to make a difference! And please do become president and let cycle chic rule...

@alex: it's somewhere on the road between Hotel Shangri-Lah and the big shopping mall at Petronas Towers... :) if you see some chic cyclists on the way, feel free to send us the pics!

@anonymous: I'm not sure whether your comment is positive or negative!?


robbo said...

anonymous left a sarcastic insult, accusing you of engaging in the Asian child sex trade. Pity some people have nothing better to do than pollute other people's good blogs.

Unknown said...

Yes, you make a difference and I'm sending you a big thank you!!! I'm now riding my bike everyday and I even put a skirt and heels a few days ago, something I've wouldn't done before visiting your blog. Tak from Montréal

Unknown said...

Manon, that sounds great! No reason not to look chic and normal while on a bike.

@ Robbo - I thought so too...

Being a quite polite 28-year old female, I must say I didn't see that accuse coming :-) Especially since there are no children in the pics and the only Malays presented are literally covered from head to toe..
But then again it might just be an attempt to be funny that got all tangled up!?

Anonymous said...

My elderly Raleigh was born, in Malaysia about 1971. They do nice pin striping, and fancy butt joints.