2 July 2008

The Copenhagen Blues

The Copenhagen Blues
Getting the Copenhagen Blues is not necessarily a melancholy affair. Fashion note: If you don't fancy matching your clothes to your bike today, you are more than welcome to match with the oh so blue bike lanes of Copenhagen.
Hej, I'm Stopping
Hej, I'm stopping!
Traffic Calming
A Copenhagen cyclist near the Central Train Station.
Waiting calmly for the light to change. Style over speed, as always, toujours, for evigt.

I played with the Animoto website that makes funkalicious slideshows with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Try it here at Animoto.com.
Enter this code: lwxibcuz

You can select photos you have on Flickr or elsewhere, or you can upload your own. You get 30 second slideshows for free and you get to choose from some music tracks. If you don't like the mix, just click Remix and another slideshow is generated.

I'm off to the summer house in Sweden for a week. I've turned on the comments moderation, so your comments won't appear until I get back. Marie is back from two months in Malaysia, so we're looking forward to seeing her back on the blog!

Ciao for now, ragazze.

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Kristin Tieche said...

That lady in blue has a nice booty! ;-)