14 July 2008

Monday Morning

Imminent Storm
Storm clouds over classy [and rather unconcerned] Copenhagener.
Turn and Glide on
The bike lane near city hall, on Hans Christian Andersen's Boulevard, takes a little left/right turn. Enormous fun in a tailwind.
Frame Stickers
It's a tiny little victory on our "take back the bike culture" quest, but a victory nonetheless. As you know, we have a little online boutique, wherein we have a sticker department.
Bike Frame Stickers from Copenhagen Cycle Chic
They have a few standard sticker templates for my designs but I had been itching to make bike frame stickers. So I used the car bumper sticker [ha!] template and made three stickers for your bike frame. You have to cut them out yourself, but they look smashing on a bike frame. Get them while they're hot and while they're still my own original idea! :-)


WestfieldWanderer said...
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WestfieldWanderer said...
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WestfieldWanderer said...

Dammit! I wish Blogger had a "comment preview" button...

What I've been trying to say is:
Well done on the Podcast

I hope the book sells well. Looking forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

you should have linked to the original podcast page, not mine. Everything that I post is suspect by default :-)

WestfieldWanderer said...

Sorry Marc. Perhaps Mikael can edit...?

Raiment Urbane said...

I love that sticker. I've been catching up on all the other posts, I've missed, amazing as always. Love all the pictures.

Gratistotal said...

Last weekend an stupid man has crashed his stupid car to my bike!!! i have to buy a new one!

Mr. Karate said...

Though I've been bitten by the speed bug, and fancy speed over style personally, i greatly admire your blog! Few people cycle to work here in NH, but I'm proud to be one. Thanks for making that glamorous and chic =)

the blue penny said...

Raquel, I'm sorry about your bike. Consider a Dahon folding bike, and then we'd match.

I just ordered the cool stickers as well as the slow bicycle movement bag. way cool!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, everyone! westfield, i'll be blogging about it shortly anyway, but thanks!

raquel! get a danish bike!

thanks, mr. karate! nice comment.

cool, blue penny!

David J said...

Love the dark clouds.