13 July 2008

Guest Photos: July 2008

Guest Photos July 2008 from Cycle Chic
Another batch of lovely Cycle Chic photos from our readers around the world.
Clockwise from top left:
Napoli Kiss from Cristiano; a new shot from Paris by Humberto; Tiago with his Flying Pigeon in Paris; photo shoot from Jorg & Olif bikes; Pedro sent us this photo of his girlfriend in Lisbon; Alan sent us this California Cycle Chic shot; a fellow Copenhagener, Toke, sent us this rare sight - a Copenhagen fixie girl; and finally, in the middle, Joi next to a cyclist counter in the Danish city of Odense.
Thanks to all of you for thinking of us and showing us Cycle Chic from around the world.

Get a Normal Bike
A bit of playfulness.

Gucci is in on the act of producing luxury bikes. But at least the photo is cool.


Unknown said...

The "I'd sleep with you if..." photo is absolutely hilarious.

Colville-Andersen said...

i giggled, too.

David J said...

Gucci guy is NOT cool!
Oh come on... Please don't do that to such a cool blog.