15 July 2008

Heels and Patterns

Pink Ride
Copenhagen Bike Culture Colours. As long as we keep hearing "people ride in HEELS there?!" we'll keep showing that they do.
Cargo Bike Supermum
Hmm. I many have discovered another pattern here. For the second time in a couple of weeks I've seen a Copenhagen Supermum with a cargo bike with heels, steering with her right hand and holding her keys in her left hand.
Cargo Supermum in Heels

Bike Lane
A lovely stretch of bike lane.

Summer House Bikes: Cobwebs
I cleaned up the bikes at the summer house. They came with the place, two lovely old school bikes and an old BMX for kids. But somehow the bikes looked lovelier covered in cobwebs.


Anonymous said...

How I envy you your cycle lanes. In Bristol we get 50 metres of white paint in the most dangerous part of the road. Love the blog, and the cobwebby bike pic.

Anonymous said...

i love you photog! i wish i lived in copenhagen so i can bike everywhere! i love biking!

Gratistotal said...

ohhh, the first girl is dorothy oz???

dianasfaria.com said...

Yes I thought she was Dorothy too! Great shot!

Anonymous said...

We ride in heels in New Orleans, too! Great photos--thank you.

Anonymous said...

And the red-black heels perfectly match the red-black of her taillight and bike. Now that is chic !

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, everyone, for the lovely comments. I want to see photos from New Orleans as guest photos!!!