8 July 2008

Le Parking

Le Parking
The neverending search for parking.


2whls3spds said...

We have a parking problem around here too...no racks, or light poles, or anything else substantial to lock up to :-(


Ashley said...

How do Copenhageners (is that right?) lock their bikes in a parking "lot" such as this? Or is bike crime not a concern in your fair city? I've always been curious...

Samuel said...

I've been wondering how the insurance for bicycles works there. Is it part of your flat/house insurance, or a separate contract?
I find it amazing that almost all the bikes have a rear wheel lock, and aren't normally locked to any unmovable post/rack. Bikes here would be stolen almost instantly if left like that.
Maybe you know you have bike culture if you don't need to lock your bike to a pole cemented into the ground one metre deep.

Colville-Andersen said...

Copenhageners is correct, yes. All the bikes have wheel locks on them. See here for what that looks like.

Insurance for bikes is covered under your household insurance. We do have a lot of bike theft in Copenhagen. 16,000 bikes last year. Most of them are bikes whose owners forget to lock them.

A locked bike is safe, unless it is an expensive one. Most buildings have dedicatd bike parking and in the shot above, it is a shopping centre bike rack.

2whls3spds said...

I love the wheel locks! But they are a bit hard to find in the US market. I bought the Axa Defender with the extra chain that you can wrap around a solid object. So far so good! FWIW I get my locks and chains from Clever Cycles I have also added wheel locks to a couple of other bikes. In the US my homeowner's insurance won't even cover the base cost of my bikes :-(