7 July 2008

Concrete Chic

Urban Chic
She had a hard time pulling her bicycle down the ramp in those heels. But she sure made it.

Myshoes Onbike
Biking in high heels (as I do myself here) is painstakingly easy when you just stay on the bike. It's when you get off, it becomes a challenge!


Anonymous said...

This is the truth. I plan my shoe choices each depending on whether I will be mostly riding or walking. I go flat (or nearly flat) if I'm walking. High heels and wedges for riding.

Williams the Wheels said...

There is a lovely graphic quality about the main photo here - how did you do that?

Anonymous said...

Mange tak for dit website!
I visited Copenhagen last summer and was amazed at the bike culture there. Here in Baltimore, MD, USA, with rude drivers and virtually no bike lanes anywhere, it's like a life or death situation every day when I go out to ride.

One of my favorite images from Copenhagen was seeing some guy biking while drinking Carlsberg. Also, I like the fashion aspect; as if Danish girls weren't already the most beautiful I've ever seen, they look even better on a bicycle!


Unknown said...

Yep, christie, I follow you!

williams the wheels, I cropped it and dosed the brightness and contrast a litlle - but nothing more than that! Shooting pics of cyclists is often a question of chance and I tell you, a lot of the photos don't turn out so well :-)

Skål, john! Biking with a bottle of beer in hand is a classic here in Denmark. Often you have dinner some place and decide to go out afterwards. In stead of waiting for everyone to finish their drinks, you just hop straight onto the bikes - and it makes the bike ride even cosier.. this goes for girls as well as guys. (let's not talk about risk management here, shall we not?)


Gratistotal said...

here, in Spain, we have a sentence that can define this: para presumir hay que sufrir" , the meaning is that if your style want to shine, you have to stand the pain!!!

so said...

i just wanted to say, that i absolutely love all your biking photos!
what a great blog.

dianasfaria.com said...

I love those shoes!

Simple Pleasures said...

I have no problem wearing heels on a bike - it's a lot easier than walking that far in them!!!
But I am having one problem and would love advise from anyone here. I find riding a bit more difficult with a leather soled shoe - can be a heel of course, but is also a problem with flats. The shoes slip and slide right off the pedals. It seems they will slip at any time - just when I'm pushing off, of course, but also when I'm happily pedaling down the street. It makes me uneasy enough to prefer to pack these shoes and change on arrival. But my favorite sandals are leather soled!!! I'm sure there is a simple solution - perhaps just adding a bit a rubber to the center of the sole.
Any thoughts?

2whls3spds said...

I use the BMX style pedals with the steel pins that stick up, I ride in leather soled dress shoes and they seem to grip quite well.


Colville-Andersen said...

maybe the standard pedals here are different than 'over there'. Wifealiciousness has just reported from the sofa that she has never had that problem, not even in mega high heels. Rubber pedals are the key, perhaps.