8 July 2008

Jazzed Up

Town is buzzing with the yearly Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Everyone is out on their bikes, shopping a bit of bebop, avantgarde and New Orleans... 900 concerts all in all. Yes, that's a lot.
Mary Winehouse?

Crispy In the Shade
Stripy Shoes Classique, Classique


ManfredKZ said...

Great images, great blog!
I always liked bikes and had them wherever I lived (Brasil, France, Canada...). I am also commuting here in Canada with my bikes. Not easy! Here people use the bike for the parks on the week end (or after work), period... I have been reading the discussion about the lack of a bike culture in North America as we have in Europe. Who knows this changes one day? (with the fuel prices anyway...). I have been posting bike pics on my flickr, will post some more. Cheers

Hazelindio said...

Don't ask me why, but I love the first picture. Well done.

I was 6 months this year in CPH. Thanks to this blog I can remember everyday how nice was that. Specially the bikes. I love biking København!.

Anonymous said...

manfredkz, where do you live? I live in Montréal and we definitely have cycling culture here - not just the lycra-clad weekend warriors. Just bought another skirt because it was exactly the right length and looked flirty on the bicycle!

But no high heels - I'm in my 50s with a touch of arthritis (another reason to cycle, all readers who are middle-aged or older). I do wear heels sometimes, but they are definitely mid-height.

Not all parts of France are cycle-friendly either, though Paris, once a very hard place for cycle culture, has improved immeasurably - kicked off with a lengthy public sector strike in 1995, now actively backed by the Paris mayor and council. It is lovely, and as you know Parisiens and Parisiennes cultivate charm at all ages...

ManfredKZ said...

Hi lagatta, I live in Edmonton, AB (I come from Brazil and have lived in France over 10 years and Germany for 2 1/2 years), and have never been to Montreal. I would like to. From what you tell us about your city, Montreal and Paris which you mention are definitely different than Edmonton. I love this city, but here you won't see the bike culture we're talking about, nor too much worries with style etc., here you see lots of cars, big SUVs and trucks, no "piste cyclable" a part from the magnificent river valley parks, lots of fast food culture and lots of overweight. Although in Brazil where I lived and com from you may see more bikes on the streets, it's the general "American (North and South) culture of week end or sport biking, whereas the commuting is something left to the "poor" or "workers" who pedal to their construction spot or factury in the morning... There as here I am quite a lonely wolf, as a cycling CEO, and, believe me, I got many curious regards (and some smile here and there) from Edmonton drivers. What can you do? It's just not the culture. I am 47 and trying to enjoy as much as I can the warm months with the bike for my health. I would like to see more peope aligning with me in the streets here. But I'm not a "bike militant" neither. I enjoy it in my freedom and respect others. Too bad this afternoon we will have rain, and THUS far as Copenhageners I could not come yet, to cycle with a plastic cover or an umbrella.... cool :)
When I went to South Africa last year I was in Frankfurt, downtown, for some hous before another flight, and immediately saw the diference again: dozens and dozens of men and women, well dressed, cycling everywhere downtown (with very nice German city bikes, I must say!), it's really a different world.

Susanne said...

thanks everyone! that first photo by marie is, indeed, brilliant.