3 July 2008

Harbour Hygge

Oh, the joy of gently rolling around Copenhagen, taking in the cozy coolness of it all!

The Two-wheeled Mermaid
If Hans Christian Andersen's little mermaid were a blond Danish girl on two wheels, it might have been this one. She gazed firmly down into the water as if looking after something she'd lost.

It's not hard to convince friends to stop by at the harbour, it being located in the centre of Copenhagen and with the fresh air and shimmering water easing everyone's minds.
Here's Nicoline, a typical cycle chic Copenhageness, and a good mate.
My Fictive Sister

Schwung Elegance
This guy looked so smooth, rolling in from somewhere in the 70'ies.

Le Penseur
For a long time, this stylish business guy sat and wondered how he could make his car-driving buddies shift over to the cycle chic life style.


Unknown said...

WOW!!! Beautiful pictures as always, but this time I feel like I'm in a "conte de fée" with Le Penseur, the men from the 70's who look awesome and the little mermaid 2008 ... if I could be Hans Christian Andersen's little mermaid, I've would gladly trade my voice for legs to hop on a Velorbis Victoria Classic. Your comments are very well written, tak for those imaginary scenes!!! Passez de bonnes vacances!!!

Unknown said...

Salut manon,
We're happy to please you!
Only problem with the Velorbis-deal you suggest is that you wouldn't be capable to sing while biking - something I do whenever possible..
Bonnes vacances à toi aussi!

Unknown said...

Well, you're absolutly right Marie,
it's always a great pleasure to sing when I'm riding especially in the morning, while sunrise with birds singing too, or when I just enjoy wind in my hair!!!
Merci de ton commentaire Marie, au plaisir !