30 June 2008

Both Sides of The Sound

Malmö Cycle Chic
The Sound is the name of the sea between Copenhagen and Sweden and, on the other side is Malmö, Sweden's third largest city. They ride bikes, too. Upwards of 25% of all trips are made by bike. It's a lovely place to visit, only 30 minutes on the train from Copenhagen.
Malmö Cycle Chic
You get to see so many cool Swedish bikes - Crescent and Hermes/new and old. Normal bikes, of course. With normal people on normal clothes riding them.
Swedish Bike Beauty
What a beauty. For more smashing Malmöliciousness on bikes...

Meanwhile, back in Copenhagen
Don't fancy unsightly raingear? Forget your brolley at home in your rush to get to the café? Not to worry. Just wrap your scarf around your head and you're a female Lawrence of Copenhagnia in the light summer rain.
This Way and That
It's a criss-cross bike world. I love the couple holding hands on the right.


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Anonymous said...

I love this site. Seeing all these pretty ladies riding bikes in something other than spandex is better than looking at girlie magazines. :)

It brings back memories from when I lived in Norway over 30 years ago. I had a DBS bike. Your post http://www.copenhagenize.com/2007/10/wheel-lock.html reminded me of that bike and the similar lock on it. I hadn't thought about that lock in over 30 years.

Are most of these commuting bikes single speed bikes? How far are most people riding to and from work on these bikes and in street clothes?

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks! If you like DBS, here's a blast from the past for you. Taken near my flat.

we still have wheel locks here. that much hasn't changed.

most bikes are 1-3 gears. copenhageners commute, on average 50 km a week. there are loads of stats and info over at www.copenhagenize.com

Anonymous said...

In a flat city like Copenhagen or Malmö you don't more than 3 gears. Mountain bikes are for mountains.

Anonymous said...

The good ol' US of A has not developed like foreign countries to make it has bike commuter friendly. My daily commute on my bike is about 50km round trip each day.

I believe I read some where that the average US bicycle commute is about 6 km one way. That would be similar to Copenhagen

I use a road touring bike. Realistically, I only use about three gears. There are a few hills that would be tough but doable on a three speed.

AsianCajuns said...

This post made my day! I love it and can't stop laughing.

I think this is the first time I've commented on this blog, although I read it often.

I would love to be able to ride a bike to work (which is only 3 miles from my home). Unfortunately I live off of a six lane "road" that doesn't even have a shoulder, let alone a bike lane!

Colville-Andersen said...

paul: indeed. And even 5 gears is enough in hilly cities.

cyclinged: you're right about the average commute. Here's a good post with stats about the average trip distances for Americans.

asiancajuns: thanks! wonderful to hear it. Isn't there a detour route that's a bit longer but avoids the main road?

Gratistotal said...

i love malmo, is one of my favourites cities!! i have spend two hours visiting turning torso!!

Anonymous said...

very inspiring! americans should do some more bike riding. its kind of hard when you live by highways.

Colville-Andersen said...

raquel! when are you coming to Copenhagen?!

thanks aimee. but look at these facts:
In the US, according to the Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey:
- 25 percent of all trips are made within a one and a half kilometre [1 mile] of the home.
- 40 percent of all trips are within 3 km [2 miles] of the home.
- 50 percent of the working population commutes 8 km [5 miles] or less to work.

Yet more than 82 percent of trips 8 km [5 miles] or less are made by personal motor vehicle.

Unknown said...

I'm suprised that no one commented your "self irony" video !!! I've find it so funny, after three times, I've still have stomach aches from laughing...

Colville-Andersen said...

merci, manon! i had a laugh making it, too!