4 May 2008

Cycle Chic Goes To Sweden

Malmo Cycle Chic
Zipping across Stora Torg [Large Square] in the Malmö sunshine.

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and it Sweden's leading bike city. Bikes are an important part of life here, just as they are in dozens and dozens of European cities. While we will go to our grave claiming that Copenhagen is the most stylish capital in Europe, Malmö does have it's flashes of cycle chic.

Most importantly, the citizens have understood, like millions of others around the world, that urban cycling is something to be done in your normal clothes and on normal bikes. There are great segregated bike lanes and infrastructure and bikes abound in bike racks all over the city.
Malmo Cycle Chic
It's the easiest way to get around town.
Bring a friend down to the harbour and have a laugh.
Dapper Chappie
Stylish Swedish Gentleman by the harbour.
Malmo Cycle Chic
High heeled cycling, Malmö style.
Malmö Couple
Heading to the harbour for some afternoon sunshine.
Malmo Cyclists
A hub of fashionable cyclists.
Dapper Toilet Paper Transport
Dapper chap transporting toilet paper.
Cool old school chain guard on a Swedish Crescent bike.
Malmö Train Station Parking
Looks like any Central Station in Northern Europe.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the report from across the Sound. Looks good. As I have a foot in Sweden I'm kind of proud to see the Swedes (or at least the Malmö locals) are flying the cycle chic flag in their own svenska way.
Heja heja!

my hyggelig said...

Thanks for the Sweden post. In 25 days my feet land in Sweden and I can not wait to scout out all the bikes and their riders.

If only biking was the easiest way to get around in the US. Yesterday I saw many a bicyclist in my neighborhood trying to navigate on roads clearly not made for anything but a car. Life is not so easy here - yet... So, I am sorry, but sometimes I have to don the lycra so I do not turn into another obese American.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks to you both for the comments!

although sigrid... lycra doesn't help you navigate a bicycle... your limbs and brain and eyes help you navigate a bicycle... and you can still navigate a bicycle in your normal clothes... :-)

Gratistotal said...

Malmo is one of the cities that I want to visit, with these images you me have remembered it

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love Malmo...such a pretty, laid back city and from my POV as an urban planner, they are doing some fascinating things over there (the plans for Hyllie are very exciting - sorry, Copenhagen).

And I proudly don my lycra. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing whatever is most comfortable for you when biking. When I ride <5 miles to go somewhere, get some coffee, etc., I will wear street clothes, but when I want to ride 50 miles for the experience (without chaffing & heat stroke), I will wear padded shorts and a wicking jersey. They DO make lycra clothing that is unpretentious in design, by the way.

That said, I love your blog. It reminds me of cooler times on 100+ degree days here in Texas.


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