27 June 2008

Cycle Deliciousness for the Weekend

Elegant Red
There were showers on and off yesterday but it was lovely and warm. Here's a Copenhagen supermum heading home in the afternoon. Perhaps she's picking up the little one[s] today, perhaps it's the dad.

Here's a little teaser for a longer version I'm working on.

Walking Dry
Sometimes you ride with your umbrella, sometimes you walk. Check the Biking With Umbrellas tag for more photos.

Orange Orange
Would she have chose those orange earrings if she rode a green bike? Unlikely. Bikes are mere transport, but they are a part of your fashion style and your personality in Copenhagen.

Ride and Smoke
Ride and smoke in the casualness of Copenhagenishness.

We posted about Topshop's new bicycle advert the other day. A reader let us know about The Gap's version from a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

Ashton Kutcher before Demi Moore!!

CarPerson said...

Great Blog & Pictures!

Here's a link to a nice article from the San Francisco, CA USA newspaper about biking with style:


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see another film from you!!! And I'm most pleased to hear that it will be with Firmin and Sébastien. Tak for showing us that riding a bicyclette is natural and a lot of fun to share, just like Yves in his song!!!

Gratistotal said...

Biking with umbrellas is too difficult for me!!