18 March 2008

After The Snow - Awaiting the Summer

After the snowstorm yesterday, which was unexpected and a bit late in the season, all eyes are now on spring and summer. I'm looking forward to it. Here's some photos from summer, from last year.

And this photo - below - is by far the most popular in the Copenhagen Cycle Chic archives. I've entered it in a competition over at JPG MAGAZINE - cast a vote for it - and bike culture - if you have the time. It's in the Human Impact category. Can't argue with bikes making impact on humans. And certain cyclists making impact on others.
Fashionista on Wheels *
The funny thing about this shot was that I was out riding to the supermarket with Wifealiciousness. We were at a red light and she elbowed me and said, "Camera... get your camera out..." I did, just in time.

The very best advocate for cycle chic swept past.

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