17 March 2008

Red Ride in Hood

Red Ride in Hood, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
You can't see the snow in the above shot but...
Boy With Winter Cyclists
Here's the Boy Wonder on the pavement, with cyclists riding past.
Snowstorm Cycling by Night Winter Cyclists Snowdust
I'm sure there is a statistic fall in the number of cyclists on the bike lanes in Copenhagen when it snowstorms, but there were still loads and loads of bikes heading home in the evening.

A little snow doesn't stop very many people. The snowstorm was sudden and unexpected so our bike lane snowploughs weren't out yet, but all you have to do is ride straight, anyway, which is easy even in the snow. You just slow down and take it easy when turning and approaching intersections, but there really isn't any good excuse for not riding.

The Boy went to bed with fingers crossed for snow enough to go sledding tomorrow.


A&AC project said...

Yes I love the way ye hardy Vikings plough on regardless of the weather :)
We're drowning the shamrock here in Ireland today (St. Patrick's Day, our national holiday) which of course means drowning it in drink... Mine's a Guinness thank's ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember riding through some *nasty* snowstorms when I was studying in Copenhagen. My Danish friends thought I was crazy but then again I brought my own bike over. It was truly amazing seeing bikes owning the road rather than the car for once.

Thanks for making me get nostalgic everyday I see a new picture. If only San Francisco had more bike lanes ...

Anonymous said...


Just read on Resume, a swedish advertising etc website/magazine that Lindex is using a danish model, Louise Pedersen, for their spring campaign. One of the ads is available for viewing online, see at the bottom of the article.
In one of the shots, she's riding a cool retro style bike...

Talk about cutting through!



Anonymous said...

PS, great headline! ;o)

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks, everyone. Cheers to the Irish posse!

glad i can provide nostalgia for you each day, bc!

thanks, martin! cool advert!

Anonymous said...

St. Patrick was a Welshman.

"Women riding bicycles...." according to a well informed Victorian era gentleman:

"..will cause the ruination of their organs of matrimonial necessity."

Steady as she goes, yes?

Colville-Andersen said...

Aye... steady as she goes. My delicious wifealicious has suffered no ruination, bless her cotton socks.

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I find that riding in snow can be easier than rain. It only becomes a problem when the snow begins to accumulate on the road.