4 January 2017

About the Cool Guys

The colour black persists. It is the essence of the men in Copenhagen. At least that's how it feels when you are trying to capture the ordinary Copenhagener. Why do so many Danes wear black? As simple as it is - it keeps you warm! Especially in winter, when sunlight is sparse and temperatures dip. Black absorbs heat, and so wearing more black is a practical method of thermal isolation. 

You can feel the desire to maintain an understated image within Copenhageners, which essentially appears to be the accepted norm, people living in Copenhagen play it safe (together with the infrastructure that is made out of the best practice paying attention to its user) by donning neutral-colored apparel within the city that gives understated feeling in minimalist architecture and interior, hardly any huge advertisements... However, individuals can still stand out through details when you know where to look, like the trimmings of a coat, the silhouette of sneakers, or a flash of a piercing.

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