11 December 2016

The Market Experience on a Bicycle

In Copenhagen, going to the market is easier and more fun than anywhere else in the world simply because you can do it on your bicycle.   

Park right in front of where you want to go because urban cycling includes a couple easy stops along the ride. Show up wearing sweatpants, white trainers, and a purple, blanket scarf because you might stop at the next shop on the way...

Arrive making a scene.
Don't hide yourself or your stuff in the back of a pickup truck... Lock your vehicle and grab your black, leather tote from the frontal display of you bicycle we like to call a basket.

Exit quickly, though.
Place all items in your available compartment , in this case, a portable, fiber basket would do just fine, and continue your journey with your bicycle. Or I should say your -never ending- journey with your bicycle...

Happy Cycling!

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