12 December 2016

The All Blacks, Part II

It is hard not to notice that in Copenhagen black is always top pick when it comes to the clothes. Obviously, we had to write about this... Here are 4 photos from our recent photo mission where we spotted black in all its glory!

While waiting for the green light.
This girls brings lot of black tones into her outfit. Looking cool and edgy. Her bike is the brightest accessory in her over all look, and still it is light grey... Not so far from our favorite - black!

All black, everything.
Even headphones, for sure her bicycle and baskets. Real Copenhagener - chic, comfy and all black.

You need to add little something from time to time.
This lady all black and light grey mittens with red pattern.

In motion.
All black with little bit of white and olive green.

Our lovely Copenhagen ladies. Black suits them so well, right?

Happy Cycling!

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