15 November 2014

Break Out The Gloves

Elegance on Wheels
As we ease into winter through the transition of autumn here in Copenhagen, we're in the midst of another transitional in mainstream bicycle culture. We love to see all the lovely hats and scarves and gloves come out.

Gloves are one thing that always trigger a one or two week period where we start to realise that it may be time to break them out. We all know it well here. You head off one morning and realise it's damn chilly but your gloves are packed away somewhere in your home. You make a mental note to yourself to dig them out. You forget. Next chilly day, another mental note.

Springtime Glove Removal

Eventually, you find them and put them by the door. Then you forget to take them when you leave. You finally remember to take them with you, and put them on. In the afternoon, however, heading home or onwards into the evening, they're in your bag or your pockets. Then the chill catches you unawares once again. You'll ride along, fishing them out of your pocket or dig them out at a red light, like the photo above, and put them. Unless of course you just think... "I don't have far to go... I'll suck it up."

Shoulder Check
After this seasonal transitional phase (the exact opposite is true in the spring), your gloves become second nature. They're rarely forgotten and keep your fingers warm until the spring launches its Occupy Winter rallies in March and April.

Red Glove
We felt like showing a little series of red gloves from Copenhagen but whatever the colour or fabric or style, the bike lanes of Copenhagen will soon be coloured with them.

Slush Puppy

Orange Gloves

Red Glove Acceleration

Red Flash of Gloves


Copenhagen Chilling

Copenhagen Lost and Foundish 02


Anonymous said...

Here in Toronto we've had the gloves out for a couple of days - miserable cold and wet weather.

Beautiful photos

Kurt said...

A nice photographic color theme.

Kristin Tieche said...

So red gloves are the new black gloves in CPN?

She Rides a Bike said...

I live at high elevation so my gloves are always nearby. Though the summer daytime temps can reach to 80 - 85 degree during the brief summer months, nightly temperatures dip down significantly so I never leave the house without a pair of gloves in my bag. After 5 years living here, I still feel rather stupid carrying gloves in my bag but being caught out at night without them can be quite painful

lagatta à montréal said...

I have red leather gloves too, the same paprika colour as the gloves in the first picture!

I bought them this past summer at a moving sale - people moving to Europe and selling everything. They were brand-new, beautiful leather, made in Hungary (so the paprika colour?)

It was very hot the day I bought them, over 40 degrees (I mean celsius!) and I could scarcely stand to try them on. Now I must not lose them.

They look especially cool when I'm signalling turns.

I'm also wearing a béret now.

Unknown said...

Nice! Good thing there are womens shoes that matches with all outfit.