2 April 2014

Portraits of cyclists: Kata & Signa: “Cycling is not an identity, it's freedom”


(woman on the left) “I'm from Iceland. I cycle at least once a week. I live in a very small town in the south of Iceland and I'm almost the only person who cycle often. I cycle even if it's windy and even if my bike and I tilt. People look at me thinking that I'm a little bit weird to cycle. But still I keep on cycling. The weather doesn't matter, the opinion of the others doesn't. I love to cycle.”

(woman on the right) “I'm from Copenhagen and I cycle every single day.”

As a Copenhagener, do you feel that you belong to a city with a specific identity related to cycling?”
Cycling is not an identity, it's freedom!
I don't like to take the subway and to be underground. I prefer to enjoy the city and be able to stop when I run into a friend.”

Kata & Sinjean - portrait

Kata - basket

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