5 February 2014

Fashion Week Girl: “Leather and fur is the perfect combination to cycle in winter”

Fashion week girl

I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle everyday and I love my bike even if it's falling apart.”

What would be your tips to cycle in winter? Do you wear specific clothes?”
I like to look good and of course I want to feel warm. Leather and fur is the perfect combination. You can find these clothes in vintage shops.”

What do you like when you bike in winter?”
When there is snow on the ground, the noise is different. The city is more quiet”.

Do you have a funny story which happened while you were cycling?”
One day the weather was really cold and the ground very slippery, a police car turned right and as I did not see it, I ended up directly on their bonnet. I was lying on their car but I had nothing, so it was finally a kind of a funny story.”

Fashion week girl - de dos

Fashion week girl - gloves

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