31 January 2014

Finally a Norwegian who... : My Favorite 3 Cycle Chic Winter Moments

Well, hello there ;) This is my way of congratulating Mikael @_Cycle_Chic a couple of days ago, on his birthday. Hey, I'm sure he bicycled himself on his birthday - the guy who the first time I met him, told me he didn't mind even bicycling all the way to Copenhagen Airport.

Here's three of my favorite freezy  Cycle Chic moments - love the photos, love the short spot on text.

Moment #1:

... I would add also walking with high heels...

Moment #2:

Moment #3:

Happy birthday again, Mikael! 

And see you again next Friday, guys.

Peace & Love,
a-g & www.cphblonde.com

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