13 November 2013

Portraits of cyclists: Anne-Katrine - “I picked each part of the bike that I wanted”

Anne-Katrine is the happy winner of the photo contest Shop by Bike KBH organized as part of the CycleLogistics project.

I bike everywhere within Copenhagen. To me, transports are not just about getting from A to B. By biking you get the sense of the city and you get fresh air. It's just fantastic.”

Is it a new bike?”
Yes, it is. I got it at Cykel Fabrikken (The Bike Factory). They have lot of different choices and you can design your bike yourself.
I picked each part of the bike that I wanted. It's my dreamed bike. I chose these leather handles because they are elegant and not too extravagant. The saddle is a Brooks. The locks are usually ugly and boring but this one bright up the bike. I like the small details.”
Anne-Katrine - Portrait

Anne-Katrine - handle

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