6 October 2013

You Can't Describe Copenhagen Living Without Saying The Word 'Bicycle'. Ever.

Nothing stops us cycling in Copenhagen... from Grit Tind on Vimeo.

So here's a short film that I made with a crazy and talented group of friends studying Performance Design at RUC University, Denmark. We just wanted to depict what it's actually like cycling around the beautiful city of Copenhagen (even on a grey day!)

We thought to be on the safe side by filming this during August when the weather was warm and wonderfully sunny but of course, according to Sod's Law, on the actual day of filming it rained so so hard! We persisted anyway because at the end of the day, whether it rains or even snows, the reality is that Copenhageners will cycle through anything - "Sådan er det...!" (That's just how it is!)


Over and Out!

K.E.G. x

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Anonymous said...

i just biked past that cycle shop today! have lived in copenhagen for almost 2 months now and biking makes me happy every day here. its not even a culture, its just the way things are.

x. Paige