4 October 2013

Where in Copenhagen to get your Brandon Beverly Hills 90210 look

Vintage Copenhagen
Hey, grab your trendy bike and make a pit stop in Studiestræde! My guest blogger The W-Girl has been chasing the best vintage shops of Copenhagen – and she finished her Grand Tour by looking like Brandon in Beverly Hills 90210 ;)
This is what she saw, this is what she told me…
Peace & Blog Love,
My two favorite vintage shops in Copenhagen are located in Studiestræde and Larsbjørnsstræde, where everything is fancy and trendy, but not posh and packed – our Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter.
Brandon Beverly Hills 90210
In Episode they sell things that are, so to speak, recycled and I’m a big fan of their Levi’s shorts, I have a few pairs. Prices here are affordable, so I really like to come here to get a look like Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210!
Vintage Copenhagen
In Wasteland Vintage Clothes I would waste all my money – really.
Vintage Copenhagen
Love the hats!
Vintage Copenhagen
Oh, CPH BLONDE could easily spend an hour or two here…
Vintage Copenhagen
 THANKS to Wiola Starczewska – check out her blog at starczewska.com

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Unknown said...

I laughed a lot when I saw my picture compared with Brandon. Thank you for sharing!