23 October 2013

Portraits of cyclists: Green shoes woman - “I like to ride through Amagerfælled”

Green shoes woman

I bike every day. I go to work by bike.
My bicycle belonged to my neighbor who wanted to throw it away. I took it and my ex-husband fixed it.”

Do you have a favorite route to bike within Copenhagen?”
Yes, I like very much the road where you ride through Amagerfælled, which is not really a road.
Amagerfælled is a very nice area. I like this route because when you drive there at night, there is no street lights, it's totally dark. In a way you are in the middle of the city but it's completely dark.”

Green shoes woman - shoes

More pictures of CPH every day on Byliv in CPH.


Unknown said...

Great idea! Harf.

Stuart said...
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ManfredKZ said...

Beautiful, and a model in cycling elegantly in colder weather.