25 October 2013

Hello there, CopenHipster Guy: It’s all in the details

Cycle chic guy at Hipster Bridge
OH yes,  hello there… stylish man bicycling across Copenhagen Hipster Bridge!
Just look at him. Upright. Determined. Probably on his way to work (it’s Thursday morning).
And heyy, check out his style: It’s all in the details. Starting deep low from the bicycle lane, I just love his shoes. Maybe he’s not wearing hot purple shoelaces, but the medium brown ones are classic and matching his cognac colored shoes perfectly.
His pants. Slim style. Love it!
The jacket. I mean… the lining, checkered and yep, classic.
The hair… Have a guess, you Lovely Men out there, how much hair wax is necessary to maintain a look like this? ;) One big finger dip in the cradle – or two. Or maybe 3? Pleeease comment and make my day (O:

And while you’re thinking of a so-to-say correct answer, have a look at Copenhagen Life on Hipster Bridge, for 1 minute and 21 seconds, last morning:
Copenhagen Hipster Bridge
Enjoy bicycling, enjoy Copenhagen – enjoy Life!
Peace & Blog Love,

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