27 September 2013

Vintage Couple heading for Freetown Christiania

Well, hello there! Meeting this cute couple just outside Freetown Christiania. 

Looove her boots.

Let's have a look inside this self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents – it's like entering a completely different world. 

Colorful - mind-blowing... what do you think? Please comment this blog post with your impression of Christiania - thanks, Copenhagen Friend, appreciate it!

Oh, they love wine, too (-;

Live music - and bicycles everywhere.

You have an awesome weekend!

Peace & Blog Love,

Ps. More Christiania photos right here.

Copenhagen Sunshine - warming up to Fredagsbar

Whoaah... here I'm back again to another completely different world. Not so much graffiti on the walls of Louis Vuitton at Copenhagen Strøget...

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