28 September 2013

Bicycles, Beers and 'Hygge'. Welcome to Ølsnedkeren.

If you're ever walking around parched in downtown Copenhagen be sure to drop by Ølsnedkeren. It's a bar. They sell beer. But it's not just any bar or any beer - they actually brew the beer themselves down in the basement and every week the manager, Simon, experiments with new ingredients and flavours. I was lucky enough to come along to see just how it's done.

Upon entering the place I couldn't help eyeing up the bicycle hanging up on the ceiling. I think I'm gonna like it here...

When you go up to the bar you can ask for a taster of some of the beers that you may have never heard about before. It's Simon's thinking that by tasting a few of the experimental beers you can better make that all important decision of which pint to order. I had never tried 'Rhubarb beer' but it quickly became my all-time favourite.

I was also shown the microbrewery downstairs. The idea behind this half-bar-half-brewery was developed so that Simon could embrace his passion for brewing and experimentation whilst at the same time work behind the bar and engage with his customers. Especially to find out what they have to say about his beers and special concoctions!

So one of the fabulous reasons to visit Ølsnedkeren (amongst many) is that the manager and staff are always looking for ways to be incredibly innovative. One way this microbrewery transports their special beers across town is by an old-fashioned Long John bicycle. But wait, it gets even more 'eco-chico', the barrels themselves are light weight and recyclable. Here's Simon showing just how easy it is to attach the barrels to his bike.

Why take up street space and pay for gasoline with a van when you can deliver small goods around town by simply using a cargo bike? It's this line of thinking that many Copenhageners share. It's also how Simon runs his business and is an example of the new movement of alternative business transport and supports the collaborative European project CycleLogistics. To learn more about CycleLogistics Click Here.

Ready to roll...

Ølsnedkeren. Yes, it may be hard to pronounce but all you need to remember is that one very important danish word "Øl"...meaning "beer". Hmmmm, it sounds like "Ooool", no wait, "ulll"...good luck.

Does it get any better? Oh yes, the prices here are very friendly. More reason to have another pint!

Congratulations to Simon and the staff at Ølsnedkeren for their one year birthday. That calls for a pint. Skål!

Where? Griffenfeldsgade 52, 2200 København/Copenhagen. Check out their website here!

Over and Out!

K.E.G. x

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Matthew Spade said...

My kind of place for sure.