16 August 2013

Bicycling in Copenhagen: Get The Feeling

Hi Friend,

This time I will write just a few lines - and let the photos do the talking... yep, it's time to lean back and enjoy a virtual bike ride! Here we go:

Copenhagen Bike Heaven
First, hit the spacious Copenhagen bike lanes.
A Copenhagen Bicycle Dove - 1
Park your bike in Nyhavn - and spot a strolling dove.A Copenhagen Bicycle Dove - 2
Say hi to the dove ;) Nørrebro
Do like Thrift Shop - if they lived in Copenhagen - and head for Nørrebro and the Sunday flea market...Copenhagen Bike Heaven
Ready for park life: Park your bike in Ørstedparken.More Copenhagen Park Bliss
Enjoy the view.Copenhagen Park Bliss
Lay down flat on the grass and notice the sun caress the leaves. And think: Hey, Life is Good!

Peace & Blog Love,

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