3 July 2013

Putting the Share into Bike Share

Paris Bike Culture - Cycling Sociably
Bike share systems are in place in over 500 cities around the world, and the transformational effect on the urban landscape is massive. They have proved to be a real game-changer in our quest to reestablish the bicycle in our cities.

These photos put the 'share' back into Bike Share. Cycling is sociable and certain citizens take bike sharing to the next level. We've seen it in many cities around the world - people doubling on bike share bikes - but here's a selection of photos that we've captured.

Above... Paris.
Barcelona Doubling
Barcelona seems to understand the concept of sharing bike share bikes more than anyone else. Although the design of their Bicing bikes seems to invite passengers more than other bike designs.
Taking Bike Sharing Literally
In a pinch, even the old Bycykel bikes in Copenhagen could accommodate a friend. Just let your passenger have the seat and you can stand up and pedal.
Barcelona Cool
The same applies to any bike, of course. Like Bicing in Barcelona.
Barcelona City Tour 3 Barcelona Cycle Chic June 11 (10)
While the Stand and Deliver technique is popular, the Bicing bikes in Barcelona are used in a much more comfortable way.
Barcelona Doubling by Felix
Just have a seat. Go on a double date.
Barcelona Pushbike
To share a bike share bike you don't necessarily need to be both ON the bike. Here the young lady is pushing the young man along as they chat.
Barcelona 3 Friends_1
But sharing the frame seems to be the most widespread technique. And the most enjoyable.
Barcelona Cycle Chic_1
Even if it's standing room only.
barcedeux001 041
Another creative technique.
Barcelona Cycle Chic June 11 (16)
And why not share the bike on the school run?

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